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Wairarapa Art Sale - Featherston Community Centre

Opening event is Thursday at 6pm. Will continue through the weekend to complement Featherston BookTown.

Registration guidelines for artists at http://featherstoncommunity.org.nz/news.

Spinning Demonstration

Dannevirke Spinners Club will be in the library today, demonstrating spinning from raw wool to yarn. Examples of crochet felt and knitted items will be on display.

All welcome to come along, watch and learn some new ...

Art Deco Bridal Gowns

From the stunning short dresses embroidered with glass beads in elaborate geometric patterns of the 1920's to the glamorous sinuous gowns of the '30's that were so cleverly cut & seamed to define the waist, accentuate ...

Lindauer Art Exhibition

This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your Artwork.

This exhibition is to be held in Woodville.
Entry pieces could include drawings, photographs, printed canvases, sculpture or digital works. Other art forms ...


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