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Wall Art Project CBD

An ambitious and exciting project to add colour, interest, surprise and provide a sense of safety by lightening and brightening walls around the town, whilst educating the community and engaging students through ...

Marty Mural Walk

Explore Martinborough and follow 'The Marty Mural Walk' curated by Ventana Creative Collective. Murals will be painted live during daylight hours on the opening weekend 14th and 15th October as well as a chance to meet ...

Wai Knot Yarn Bomb

Help the Wai knot yarn bomb group bring a splash of colour and texture to Masterton CBD during the festival. Can you knit or crochet? Would you like to learn? Join us to turn a tree into a colourful piece of community ...

The Pixel Trade Project

Between the 25th June 2012 and the 25th November 2015 Shantanu Starick successfully traveled to all seven continents of the globe trading his services as a photographer for life’s basic necessities.

“No currency, ...

The Uses of Enchantment

The Uses of Enchantment, (the title references the book by Bruno Bettelheim) takes personal objects, and their owner’s memories of them, to create an alternative gallery of portraiture and stories.

Kiwi In the Redwoods

There is a new Kiwi at Pukaha Mount Bruce, of a variety you’ve likely never seen before, and it’s a giant.

Usually nocturnal, this Kiwi is out and about 24 hours a day, isn’t sensitive to sunlight and dwarfs ...

Diamonds and Rust

Niko Thomsen is a skilled artisan, working primarily with metal, and his recent work is diverse - from bridges, gates and garden structures, to furniture, black-smithing and contemporary art. Niko will be exhibiting new ...

Susan Cleaver

Susan uses digital photography to design colourful kaleidoscopes and floating imaginary forms of Nature, displayed through Fine Art and Textiles. From her original photographs, she creates Mozaics and 3DCollage. ...

Mini Sandscapes - The Castlepoint Beneath Your Feet

Photographs of Castlepoint taken from an altitude of about 1 metre. These black and white canvas photographs have been skillfully framed by Dave Kearney (Aonachvale Woodcraft) to create works that have become more than ...


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