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Ashton Family Circus & Dylan Daisy's Magic Show

All the fun of the circus - free at The Extravaganza Fair.

Performing throughout the day this family show will charm and delight the young and old.

From acrobats, dancing, performing 'tigers' and magic!!!

Phil Pennington

Hedley's Readers and Writers

What happens to the people when a quake hits?

Phil Pennington is a senior reporter for Radio New Zealand and helped cover the 2011 Christchurch earthquake. He has received a national ...

Sunny Ray and the Magnificent Moon

Imagine what it’s like to stay up all night!

One night Sunny Ray breaks all the rules and instead of going to sleep, stays up very, very late to party with the Magnificent Moon.

Four Stars - “Star-spangled ...

Tom Scott

Hedley's Readers and Writers

Come listen to Tom Scott talk about his new book Drawn Out: A Seriously Funny Memoir. Tom’s an award winning political columnist, editorial cartoonist, film maker and dramatist. Six ...

Mandy Hager

Hedley's Readers and Writers

Mandy Hager is a multi-award winning writer of fiction for children and young adults. In Heloise, a historical novel for adults, Hager explores what happens when the 12th century’s most ...

Contrast - Footnote New Zealand Dance

A double-bill of exceptional new dance work from Footnote New Zealand Dance, CONTRAST is the combination of two distinct choreographic voices, Sarah Foster-Sproull (Auckland, New Zealand) and Emma Murray (Bern, ...

Anne Salmond

Hedley's Readers and Writers

Anne Salmond is an eminent historian, writer and academic. A Dame Commander of the British Empire for services to New Zealand history, in 2004 she received a Prime Minister's Award for ...

Tell Me My Name

Every culture has riddles – they keep company with runes and spells, they challenge and entertain us, they remind us just how mysterious the world can be. Over the years poet Bill Manhire has translated Old English ...

Damien Wilkins and Ashleigh Young

Hedleys Readers and Writers

Join Ashleigh Young and Damien Wilkins, award winning authors and co-workers at the International Institute of Modern Letters at Victoria University. Ashleigh is the first New Zealander to ...

Otto and Astrid: Eurosmash

By Die Roten Punkte (Germany).

Fans of Spinal Tap and Flight of the Conchords, say ‘Hallo!’ to your new favourite band!

Dysfunctional siblings Otto & Astrid from the band Die Roten Punkte will take the ...


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