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The Star of Bethlehem

Sundown is the time of Solstice - mid-summer in the southern hemisphere, mid-winter in the north. But, 2,000 years ago this solstice occurred on December 25th.

At Stonehenge Aotearoa, we have put together a special ...

Health & Safety Management

Modern effective H&S management relies on a systematic approach. New Zealand Safety Standard 4801 describes the core elements of an H&S system.

This course will introduce you to those core elements and help you with ...

Make a Ring Band Workshop

Make a beautiful custom jewellery piece by learning the basic techniques of silversmithing.

Class level: All Levels
Age requirements: 15 and older
Class size limit: 7
Teacher: Sandra Schmid of Sandra Schmid ...

Food Lovers Masterclass - With Kate Meads

At this educational masterclass, not only will you receive $60 worth of goodies from your local council, you will get lots of exciting and inspirational advice around ways you can reduce your food waste.

Topics ...

Stage 2 - Training for H&S Representatives

Take your skill base as a health and safety representative to the next level. Stage 2 training focusses on specific risk and hazard identification and controls, approved Codes of Practice, using accident data to identify ...

The Zodiac - Signs In the Sky

To those who can read it, the night sky is a picture book of stories from antiquity. Here are the tales of the gods, heroes and mighty events. These stories are a window into the past that gives us insight to the beliefs ...

Introduction to Business Seminar

This seminar has been designed to teach you about income tax; expenses you can claim; good bookkeeping tips; business structures; GST and more. You will also learn how to work smarter with Inland Revenue’s online ...

Self-Guided Tours of Stonehenge Aotearoa

This is a self-guided tour available during opening hours. You will receive a map, watch an 8-minute film that takes you on a tour of the henge and explains everything, then you take yourself around the henge.

Coastal Photography Workshop

Learn to capture long exposure seascapes and dramatic coastal landscapes on a weekend coastal photography workshop at Cape Palliser in the Wairarapa, with award-winning photographers Richard Young and Shaun ...

Health and Safety Essentials for Small Business

As a legal entity, even your small to medium sized company is known under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 as a PCBU.

All PCBU's have a primary duty of care to everyone affected by work carried out in your ...


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