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The Star of Bethlehem

Sundown is the time of Solstice - mid-summer in the southern hemisphere, mid-winter in the north. But, 2,000 years ago this solstice occurred on December 25th.

At Stonehenge Aotearoa, we have put together a special ...

The Zodiac - Signs In the Sky

To those who can read it, the night sky is a picture book of stories from antiquity. Here are the tales of the gods, heroes and mighty events. These stories are a window into the past that gives us insight to the beliefs ...

Introduction to Business Seminar

Are you new to the business?

This seminar, presented by Inland Revenue Department (IRD), has been designed to teach you all about business structures; income tax; expenses you can claim; good bookkeeping tips; GST ...

Self-Guided Tours of Stonehenge Aotearoa

This is a self-guided tour available during opening hours. You will receive a map, watch an 8-minute film that takes you on a tour of the henge and explains everything, then you take yourself around the henge.

The Whale Riders

Thousands of years ago the ancestors of the first people of Aotearoa set sail from Southeast Asia. Using the stars they explored the great southern ocean. In this presentation, we discuss the legends, star and sea lore, ...

Printmaking With Sheyne Tuffery

This weekend workshop is designed for people to make contrasting dynamic prints using methods of tradition, experimentation and handy shortcuts in colour and black and white.

Class Level: All Levels
Age ...

Thinking of Living in a Retirement Village?

The Commission for Financial Capability is running free seminars about living in retirement villages with support from the Retirement Villages Association and experienced legal practitioners.

These seminars provide ...


Over the last decade, hundreds of worlds have been discovered around distant stars. Is our world, with its complex biology, just one of a multitude? If other biological worlds and alien civilisations exist in the Galaxy ...

Cheese Making - Halloumi and Ricotta

During this three-hour hands-on workshop, you will be guided through the cheese making process where you make the Halloumi and Ricotta cheese and get to take it home to show off at the end!

Make a Ring Band Workshop

Make a beautiful custom jewellery piece by learning the basic techniques of silversmithing.

Class level: All Levels
Age requirements: 15 and older
Class size limit: 7
Teacher: Sandra Schmid of Sandra Schmid ...


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