Little Bits Gizmos & Gadgets

SEARCH events

For children aged 8 to 12 years.

Snap circuit boards together, power them up, see what you can make or invent! What fun!!

Free sessions, but booking is essential as only 6 per session (3 to share a kit). Children ...

Monday 16 April 09:30am
Monday 16 April 01:30pm
Tuesday 17 April 09:30am
Tuesday 17 April 01:30pm
Wednesday 18 April 09:30am
Wednesday 18 April 01:30pm
Thursday 19 April 09:30am
Thursday 19 April 01:30pm
Friday 20 April 09:30am
Friday 20 April 01:30pm
Monday 23 April 09:30am
Monday 23 April 01:30pm
Tuesday 24 April 09:30am
Tuesday 24 April 01:30pm
Thursday 26 April 09:30am
Thursday 26 April 01:30pm
Friday 27 April 09:30am
Friday 27 April 01:30pm