Yolo Kids Bookclub

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Join our Yolo book club for children age 8 to 12 years.

Everyone is welcome, and there is no cost involved. Share your thoughts on books you've read (participation is not compulsory so don't worry if you're shy). Have ...

Monday 13 February 05:00pm
Monday 6 March 05:00pm
Monday 27 March 05:00pm
Monday 1 May 04:00pm
Monday 22 May 04:00pm
Monday 12 June 04:00pm
Monday 3 July 04:00pm
Monday 24 July 04:00pm
Monday 14 August 04:00pm
Monday 4 September 04:00pm
Monday 25 September 05:00pm
Monday 16 October 05:00pm
Monday 6 November 05:00pm
Monday 27 November 05:00pm
Monday 18 December 05:00pm