Remutaka Cycle Trail FAQs

Here's a list of frequently asked questions to help you plan your ride on the Remutaka Cycle Trail. 

How long is the Remutaka Cycle Trail and how fit do I need to be?

The full trail from start to finish is 115km long, however it can easily be ridden in sections and completed over a couple of days. 

A base fitness is required to cycle this trail, however different sections require a higher level of fitness and rider ability than others. Check out our suggested rides here which have timings and grades indicated. The Remutaka Rail Trail  is a very popular way to use the trail. 

Lots of people add time to their Trail experience and do some side trips and experiences like these. 

Where does it begin and finish?

The trail begins in Petone in Wellington and finishes at Orongorongo on the south west coast in the Wairarapa. Here’s the trail map. 

Can this trail be ridden all-year round?

Yes, but as with all outdoor activities in New Zealand, the weather can change quickly. Please check the weather forecast in advance. 

The Wild Coast section of the trail from Ocean Beach to Orongorongo is prone to both southerly and north-westerly winds - making riding tough. It’s recommended to attempt this section of the Remutaka Cycle Trail only in fair weather. 

Can I hire a bike?

Yes. Green Jersey Explorer Tours offers bike hire from both the Wellington and Wairarapa sides of the trail. 

What kind of bike do I need?

The trail can be ridden on with most mountainbike. E-bikes (with tyres fatter than 2.5 inches) are also able to be ridden.

Can I use public transport to get to and from the trail?

Yes. You can catch the Hutt Valley Metlink train  to get to Petone station or the Wairarapa line to get to Maymorn station to begin your ride.

The Wairarapa Line train connects Featherston Railway station to Wellington so cyclists can return after a day’s riding on the trail. Trains run infrequently, so be sure to check out the timetable in advance to plan your day. 

There is an off-road limestone trail  which runs from Cross Creek to Featherston  - the ride is about an hour. 

You can take your bike on the train. Bike guidelines can be found here.

Shuttle services can also meet cyclists at various access points along the trail, such as Cross Creek or Orongorongo. These must be booked in advance: contact Rimutaka Shuttles.

Are there toilets along the way?

Yes. On the Wellington side there are toilets in Petone, Hikoikoi Park, the Dowse Art Gallery, Avalon Park, near Trentham Memorial Park, Silver Stream, Harcourt Park, Tunnel Gully, and Kaitoke car park.

On the Wairarapa side there are toilets at the Remutaka Summit, Cross Creek and at the Remutaka Forest Park access way located about 13km from Cross Creek along Western Lake Road (follow the signs). Note: there are no toilets beyond this point.

Do I need to bring my own water?

Yes. Aside from the cafes located near the trail in Wellington, there are no formal water stops. Please bring enough water to last the duration of your ride.

Is there mobile phone coverage?

Most of the trail has mobile phone coverage, but the areas between Tunnel Gully and Cross Creek and around the south coast are remote and have little or no mobile phone coverage.

Are there any safety tips for this trail?

  • Go well prepared as beyond the first section in Wellington, there are no shops along the trail. Take sunscreen, first aid, tubes and bike repair kit. You can stock up on supplies in Petone, Wellington or Featherston, Wairarapa.
  • Take a torch or head lamp for the tunnels.
  • There is little or no cell phone coverage between Tunnel Gully and Cross Creek and around the South Coast.
  • Stay left when cycling on the road from Cross Creek to Ocean Beach.
  • Check the weather forecast. There’s potential for cold and wet weather during a southerly and extremely windy conditions when cycling on the South Coast section.
  • Parts of the trail pass through private farmland. Please leave all gates as found.
  • If you encounter farm animals being moved on the trail, please either stop or keep well clear. Only pass stock when it is clearly safe to do so, or on the instructions of the farmer.
  • Always plan your route and tell someone your intentions.

Is there accommodation along the trail?

Yes, there's a variety available. The team at the Martinborough isite Visitor Information Centre are local accommodation specialists and can make your bookings and help with transfers too. Get in touch.

Can I ride this trail with a guide?

Yes. Green Jersey Explorer Tours offers a variety of fully-guided tours along all of, or part of the Remutaka Cycle Trail. Lunches and transfers are included. 

Are there luggage transfers?

Yes. Green Jersey Explorer Tours  provide luggage transfers.