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Crystal Chain Gang: In Flux

Beautiful and precarious, the Crystal Chain Gang’s newest sculpture is a reinterpretation of a traditional Venetian, glass-blown chandelier.

This work has been made using techniques that originate on the island of ...

Sam Duckor-Jones: Hi

Hi! Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Just kidding! Please pay me lots of attention!

What’s that? oh you know

I’ve just been doodling here in my loft:

- Plans for roller coasters
- Plans ...

Terri Te Tau: Whakatau Miromiro

Whakapapa, phenotypes and whakataukī underpin the work in Whakatau Miromiro, a new exhibition by Terri Te Tau. Her embroidery on linen was created in conversation with Māori and Pacifika scientists who shared ...

Opulent Objects Fashion Exhibition and Workshops

With a background in costume, theatre, television, and film David Roil puts his experience into creating stunning upcycled fashion using a methodology that uses no patterns, and no industrial processes. All his work is ...

Out of the Woods: de Latour, Busby, Handyside

Out of the Woods: Andrée de Latour, Angela Busby, Dennis Handyside

Out of the Woods showcases new work by South Wairarapa artists Andrée de Latour, Angela Busby and Dennis Handyside.

Growing up on a remote farm ...

Mars the Exhibition

Come listen to a talk about Mars as we launch our Mars Exhibition at Stonehenge Aotearoa.

Mars is passing close by Earth at the moment, in an occurrence called opposition. This is a prime opportunity to launch ...

iti - Small Works Exhibition and Fundraiser

‘Ahakoa he iti, he pounamu: Although small, it is precious.’

Featherston's latest Wairarapa Art Sale is, 'iti': an exciting new format where artist were invited to create a series of small new works to exhibit, ...

Little Jewels 2020

Purchase your own small affordable art treasure!

Aratoi's popular biennial fundraiser is back. Everyone from local amateur artist to those with an international reputation is participating in this year's show. Little ...

Megan J Campbell Art Exhibition - Power Sites

New Works by artist Megan J Campbell at "The Miracle Room" Featherston.
This show is titled "Power Sites"

Megan currently lives in Featherston and has been consistently exhibiting for over 20 yrs.
Her works are ...

"Here Comes Summer - 1930's - 1960's"

The Pointon Collection shows original bathing suits, sunfrocks & sportswear with their matching accessories. From a classic red striped woollen costume from the late 1920's to the itsy bitsy teeny bikini in the 1960s. ...


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