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Astrophotography Course

Have you ever wanted to capture the beauty of the night sky? Have you seen those stunning wide shots of the Milky Way and wondered how do I take a photo like that? Have you ever marvelled at incredible pictures of ...

Wairarapa Business Summit

Business Wairarapa is proud to host the 2022 Wairarapa Business Summit.

This year’s summit responds to the challenges businesses have faced over the past two years with experts in their field delivering ...

CPD Roadshow 2022

By attending one of our sessions, you will be meeting the CPD requirement towards renewing your practising license for 2023-2024

This Roadshow will be held in Masterton on 15/08/22 in the afternoon. This session ...

The Kōkopu Stories with Sam Ludden

The Kōkopu Stories with Sam Ludden
A workshop connected to our exhibition Ngā Haerenga/ Journeys.

Wairarapa artist and ecologist Sam Ludden brings his passion for clay and river creatures together for a special ...

STAR-WISE 5-Day Activating The Soul Retreat

Are you feeling lost, despondent, unsure, confused and just like you don't fit in today's world? Yes? Well, you are not alone.
This is all part of our necessary transition out of the old 3D way of thinking and into ...

Life Drawing Class

Life Drawing - Tutored Class with Joanne Ridley-McBeth.

Hone your observation and drawing skills of the human form from a life model.
Ongoing tutored classes held on the last Sunday of every month.

To book please ...

Closed Terrarium Workshop

Spend a cosy winter afternoon with friends at the Atelier creating closed terraria with Lola Walker, the hands and heart behind Emerald City Botanicals.

Learn the fascinating science behind these sealed mini ...

Bird Bath/Bird Feeder Workshop

Bird Bath or Bird Feeder Workshop with Justine Rose Kingdon.

Using found and salvaged op shop treasures, repurpose them by creating a bird bath or bird feeder for your garden by forming a tower using a medley of cups, ...

Winter Bouquet Workshop

When Madame Fancy Pants Founder Clair invited us down to Greytown to run workshops during the month-long Christmas Festival, we quickly replied “absolutely”!

We are thrilled to bring you this gorgeous winter ...

Men's Group Overnight In the Wilderness

Sharing the stories around the campfire with an open and diverse group of local men 17+ who feel need to connect with self, group, mountains, river, night silence in the forest. Happy to have 14+ guys accompanied by ...


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