Places to enjoy a brew in the Wairarapa

Martinborough Brewery

Hey beer lovers make sure that you raise your glass for the mighty liquid amber. We reckon Wairarapa is a fantastic place to celebrate all things beer, and here are some great places to do so.

Tui Brewery Guided Tour

Tui Brewery: Home of the legendary Tui tower and a classic kiwi drop! Tui Brewery in Mangatainoka gives Tui lovers a chance to celebrate all things Tui. Enjoy a tasting of their latest (and sometimes exclusive brewery drops) with lunch, stroll the historic grounds of this NZ icon and watch the brewers in action on a guided brewery tour.

Lone Star Masterton: Here is another iconic building and a great place toenjoy some of the very best beer on tap, so you won’t be disappointed.

Greytown Top Pub

The Greytown Hotel Top Pub: Wow, one of the oldest hotels in New Zealand! With a Kiwi-Irish mix Tony spent his early years in Cork and Dublin so has learnt the trade of pouring a great pint and has a great story or two to tell.

Martinborough Brewery

Martinborough Brewery: World renowned for its boutique wineries, Martinborough also has a mighty fine brewery! All beers are served in a range of specialty glassware shaped to enhance the flavours and aromas and with beers like Foxy Red and Vintage Gold it’s sure to hit the spot.

The Royal Hotel: Offers a 19th century steam-punk experience from the heart of Featherston and they've got a great range to suit all taste buds.