Shopping. It comes naturally to me

As a thank you for my eagerness, energy, focus, commitment, determination, and marketing skills promoting the Wairarapa, the Destination Wairarapa team gave me some gift vouchers. They said I could use them to buy myself something I liked and "have you been to Greytown?" Have I been to Greytown!?.!? For quite smart people sometimes they come with some pretty silly things!

I ADORE Greytown. I like trotting around the streets of Greytown. I like meeting up with friends in Greytown. And SHOPPING.  There is a possibility I was born to shop. That's the thing when you've got FABULOUS taste. 

So, I had these vouchers. In my usual, typical, selfless fashion I decided it wasn't all about me (sometimes...not often, but sometimes it IS all about me. Mostly, though it's all about the people and the region I ADORE – The Wairarapa).

I decided to get my favourite manly human a gift. A new pair of socks from the rather snazzy selection Blackwell and Sons. Socks are handy. It felt like a good time to replace those socks which oddly... seem to get damaged. I think playing vigorously with socks (they smell so good to me) is a perfectly acceptable pastime. I myself, personally am NEVER around when they get damaged!! Nope, not me. I am at work at Destination Wairarapa when, supposedly, this kind of thing happens. Just saying.

I think he will ADORE these socks. I am already thinking of  other ideas for him for Christmas. Christmas Shopping!!!!  Here are some of my ideas...

  • Martinborough Brewery, Martinborough is known for its boutique wineries but they also have a mighty fine brewery!  I'm sure their Foxy Red or Vintage Gold would hit the spot.
  • Chocolate, I don't touch it, but is a must according to my humans. Stock up loved ones' chocolate stores with Schoc Chocolates. They've got over 85 different flavours to choose from.. WOW!
  • Books - we're so lucky here with wonderful book stores in Featherston, Masterton and Greytown. Some days I just and read and read until I fall asleep. What a wondeful gift.
  • Blackwell and Sons, the most beautiful bike shop in the country and it's in Greytown. They stock classic, hand-built British Pashley bicycles. Your fav family folk might like a new set of wheels? They've also got a massive range of biking accessories plus things like gardening tools, picnic sets and other beautiful products. Plus socks!