Some of our ultimate Chocolate spots

Schoc Chocolates

For people with a sweet tooth – and let’s be honest, that is most of us – chocolate is just about the best thing in the world. Here in the Wairarapa you're not far from a chocolate treat - here are some we love:

Schoc Chocolates

When it comes to a Wairarapa chocolate experience, all roads lead to Schoc Chocolates in Greytown. With its unique blend of gourmet chocolate and self-exploration this treasure trove of sweet delight offers a whopping 85 flavours in the chocolate tablet range along. You’ll smell the thick, sweet aroma of chocolate long before you enter this shrine to the cocoa bean. Given that the ancient Mayans used cocoa beans as currency, Schoc Chocolates is in many respects the Central Bank, the difference being its open every day.

Having made your withdrawal from Bank Schoc, it is time to consider other chocolate experiences. From Masterton to Martinborough there is an abundance of delicious servings on offer. Make Monday a day to remember by ordering your work colleagues a chocolate cake from Ten O'clock Cookie Bakery Café. Their range is outrageous and is sure to make for a memorable week.

Union Square

If you’re planning on an evening of fine dining, finishing with a salute to the glorious cocoa bean, Union Square Bistro & Bar at the Martinborough Hotel do a Chocolate Fondant to die for.

Happy over-indulgence chocolate lovers.  

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