Father’s Day, 5th Sept – don’t forget!

As a thank you for my eagerness, energy, focus, commitment, determination, and marketing skills promoting the Wairarapa, the Wairarapa team gave me some gift vouchers. They said I could use them to buy myself something I liked and "have you been to Greytown?" Have I been to Greytown!?.!? For quite smart people sometimes they come with some pretty silly things!

I ADORE Greytown. I like trotting around the streets of Greytown. I like meeting up with friends in Greytown. And the shops.. I love them and frankly....they love me.

So, I had these vouchers. In my usual, typical, selfless fashion I decided it wasn't all about me (sometimes...not often, but sometimes it IS all about me. Mostly, though it's all about the people and the region I ADORE – The Wairarapa).

Since it Father's Day on 5th September (don't forget this) I thought I would get my favourite manly human a gift. A new pair of socks from the rather snazzy selection Blackwell and Sons. Socks are handy. And Father's Day is a good time to replace those socks which oddly... seem to get damaged. I think playing vigorously with socks (they smell so good to me) is a perfectly acceptable pastime. I myself, personally am NEVER around when they get damaged!! Nope, not me. I am at work at Wairarapa when supposedly this kind of thing happens. Just saying.

I think my Dad will love a pair of socks but here are some of my other ideas...

  • Martinborough Brewery, Martinborough is known for its boutique wineries but they also have a mighty fine brewery! The team are doing online deliveries too! I'm sure their Foxy Red or Vintage Gold will hit the spot.
  • The way to my heart is my stomach and I take after my Dad! Lucky for you being in lockdown doesn't mean going without our treats. Did I mention cronuts, pastries, chocolate, cheese.... deeelicious!!!! And that's just the start, hop over to our Love Local page with the low down on ALL of our local suppliers.
  • Chocolate, I don't touch it, but is a must in lockdown for my bubble humans and their stash is looking rather depleted. Stock up your Dad's chocolate stores with Schoc Chocolates. They've got over 85 different flavours to choose from.. WOW!
  • Be a star (like I am) and don't let Mum OR Dad in the kitchen! Lucky for us, Father's Day is in level 3 so pop your feet up and order Wairarapa Takeaways.
  • Blackwell and Sons, the most beautiful bike shop in the country and it's in Greytown. They stock classic, hand-built British Pashley bicycles. Your Dad might like a new set of wheels? They've also got a massive range of biking accessories plus things like gardening tools, picnic sets and other beautiful products perfect for Dad. Plus socks!