Lovely places for Lola to stay

You might not know this about me, but I'm really good at sleeping. You could call me an Over-Achiever-Sleeper. Awake one minute - asleep the next!!! That's me! Sometimes during the marketing team meetings I even have a sneaky snooze (I don't think they even notice!). But I was awake when they said, "who'd like to investigate dog friendly accommodation in the Wairarapa?" Well, my paw went straight up. "Pick me!"

So, here is what I found – your gorgeous dog is welcome at these accommodation spots. And SO ARE YOU!!!.

I suggest you get on the dog and bone (get it? the Telephone) to check out arrangements and to make it extra easy I've added their numbers.

The other super helpful people to call are right here at our i-SITE Visitor Information Centres. They're magic. I ADORE magic! 


I've got your outdoor activities sorted. Walk this way... 
Lighting your way! Head for the coast. 
Wine and cheese, name a better combo.