This wine thing could be for me! Dog Friendly Vineyards

Despite being petite (this is a snazzy marketing way of saying I'm small) and quite young, I know a lot about a lot of things. I listen to everything my two favourite humans say. They talk a lot about wine. And I mean a lot. It's something they're really into. I've been to Martinborough with them and when I saw them sniffing their glasses of wine I thought, 'hey that's something I'm really good at!". This wine thing could be for me! So, I am waiting, patiently, to getting into the sniffing business. I might be the world's only wine region marketing intern with a nose for pinot noir.

There's lots of vineyards in Martinborough who love seeing me and my humans! So I thought I'd let you know some of the cellar doors we've visited, where I was made very welcome and I saw some of my other four-legged pals there too:

Colombo Martinborough
Hamden Estate
Margrain Cafe
Moy Hall Vineyard
Murliea Rise
Palliser Wines
Poppies Martinborough


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