Wine and Cheese... name a better combo!

Walt and the others at Destination Wairarapa share a lot with me. It's kind because I'm new here as the Marketing intern. Walt, he's the manly one- told me that a guy call Robin was the big cheese.

Cheese! I like cheese so I was looking forward to this. Well, this guy turned up... perfectly nice ...but there was totally NO CHEESE. I had to do that thing I do when I don't really understand. I tilt my head, sometimes I make a little whimper as well. Next minute everyone is a saying "Aww you're so CUTE Lola" OMG. Anyway Walt realises he's confused me and explained that Robin is Chairman of the Board. Ok... so it's a cheese board? I thought "great he's got a cheeseboard that's even better" I ADORE cheese. But I was wrong.

It's very confusing when Toast Martinborough has nothing to do with toast. Wellington On a Plate isn't even about plates..... and a guy who's supposed to be a big cheese on the board turns up...... without a cheese board!?!?

As it happens I've found out where you can get cheese delivered straight to your door! So I will get on and use my flair for marketing - here's a helpful list:

C'est Cheese, you haven't lived if you haven't been here! An institution for fromage fans far and wide, Featherston's beloved C'est Cheese is a must visit for allll your cheesy needs. Purchase online here.

The Grocer, Martinborough's neighbourhood deli and gourmet food shop with the vibe of a traditional grocery store. You can order delicious platters and treats - PERFECT! Order online here.

So we've got cheese... But you need bread right?

Ten O'clock Cookie Bakery Café, well-known around town for their baking prowess! 10CC offers freshly baked bread and scrummy treats. You can order online or pop in and make a contactless purchase, easy.

Cheese.. cheese and wine.. you need WINE right? I really am clever, I have got this food matching thing down pat.

Wine in the Wairarapa where do I start?! We're famous for our wine and rightly so. Our vineyards are at the heart of the Classic New Zealand Wine Trail and produce some of the world's best pinot noir. Take a look alllll of our vineyards offering wine delivery here.