Lola at Wellington On a Plate

I really like Claire. She's the Digital Marketing Manager here at Destination Wairarapa (where I'm the new marketing intern). Claire and I are a lot alike. She's loves everything digital too! Plus she loves a good pic, so I showed her a few of me from my weekend in Martinborough (like this one above). "Oh" said Claire "that's the perfect shot for Wellington on a Plate". Gosh! I just didn't know what to say. I'm more of a bowl kind of girl than a plate and how do you get Wellington on a plate anyway? I was a bit puzzled so I did that little thing where I sort of tilt my head and look a teeny tiny bit sad... Claire knew she needed to explain it to me.

I get it! Boy do I get it!

Wellington On A Plate - burgers, special menus and foodie events all across the Wellington region. I am such a foodie and this is so me! I've got your back on this one. I am allll over this!

Here's the low down on everything in the Wairarapa plus these are some foodie features you don't want to miss.