Lola sheds more light on the region

Thanks everyone who has emailed me! Turns out lots and lots and lots and lots of you want to know a little bit more about me!!!!

Well, if I had not become a social media influencer/digital native/travel writer then I would have been a Life Coach. I have the skills. I ADORE meeting people. I want to find out ALL about them and what makes them tick. And I am so so good at offering solutions. And advice.

"Lola's Life Coaching". I would've helped people find that inner light, burning within, strong and true. Guiding them forward, keeping them off the rocks. Like their own personal lighthouse.
I love lighthouses. We have two in the region.

OMG. It could have been "Lola's Lighthouse Life Coaching"! Yes IN A LIGHTHOUSE in the Wairarapa! Hold that thought people!

Let me tell you more: 
It could be Cape Palliser or Castlepoint? Both are great and they're tonnes of things to do around both Lighthouses for plenty of unwinding time out on the fresh and wild coast.

Castlepoint, has been voted one of the country's top 10 most loved beaches and it's no wonder why! It's the perfect getaway to become ONE with yourself! It's got swimming and surfing spots, walking trails galore, a rugged east coast vibe AND a Lighthouse!!!
An hour from Masterton it's the perfect getaway. Plus make sure you stop in at Rewanui Forest Park on your way to or from, and take a wander on one of the loop walks! They love seeing four-legged friends like me there, but as it's a farm I stay on my leash with my humans.

Down the coast to Cape Palliser! You'll find seals, stunning walks, and the spiffiest lighthouse in the country (other than Castlepoint's OF COURSE). The Cape Palliser lighthouse has stood on the cliffs there since 1897 - and she's still shining strong. Climb the 253 steps (I counted every. single. one.) Up to the top of the lighthouse and check out the absolutely incredible views.
Cape Palliser is also home to the North Island's largest fur seal colony. If you're here from November to January you might just spot some baby seals. I was sure to stay clear of them and give them LOTS of space – my humans told me they didn't want to play.

Who here is a LORD OF THE RINGS fan!?!? I AM!!! Peter Jackson (a local guy, you might have heard of him) filmed here for The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. So whenever we come out to the coast we MUST take a walk into the Putangirua Pinnacles otherwise known as the 'Paths of the Dead'. The walk just ROCKS (see what I did there) and I love seeing the incredible rock formations and getting 'that' pic for the gram.

So take your pick! Or go WILD! Check out BOTH Lighthouses, you won't be disappointed.

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE. Good thing I have realised there are actually not ONE, not TWO but THREE lighthouses in the region! We have Lighthouse Gin, handcrafted here and widely enjoyed. My fav humans tell me Lighhouse Gin is very, very, very refreshing. It's a beacon for quality gin lovers (see what they did there!?) 

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