Summer Chillin’

Wairarapa Coast

The temperature is only a part of what needs cooling down this summer. Make sure you also take the time to just chill while still enjoying a Wairarapa summer. Here are some top tips for a bit of both.

Wairarapa Coast

Don’t let the drive undo the benefits of a day at the coast. Our top tip is to break up the journey.
Rewanui Forest Park on the way to Castlepoint and Riversdale will let everyone stretch their legs for a while. And Tinui Church (world’s first ANZAC service) and memorial walkway on the way to Castlepoint is something a bit different.

Heading to the Cape Palliser south coast? A cool drink at The Land Girl in Pirinoa is a must.

River Swimming

There is a magnificent list of Wairarapa river swimming spots but it’s more than the water you’ll need to stay cool. Remember the sand fly repellent, sun block, and please check the water depth before jumping off the rocks. 

Tararua Walks

Switching off the internet and taking a walk in the bush is a great way to chill. There are plenty of shorter walks into the Tararua ranges and they all have a cooling river at the finish when you get back to the car. Top tip for this one is remember something to sit on with wet shorts for the drive home.

Wairarapa Glamping


Leave the tent and all your gear at home; except for the cricket bat and frisby. When glamping in the Wairarapa you just arrive and use the gear that’s already set up for you. The fun of the river, camp cooking and sand-flies will still be there but what a cooler more relaxed experience for everyone.