Hammonds Palliser Bay Tour

Cape Palliser Lighthouse

Hammonds bus company runs a fantastic tour from Wellington and Martinborough down to Palliser Bay, the southern-most point of the North Island.

Explore this lesser known part of the Wairarapa, taking in the coast, the famous lighthouse, the fantastic seal colony and some dramatic Lord of The Rings film sites.

This full-day tour includes lunch and a wine tasting. The bus leaves from the Wellington i-SITE Visitor Centre each day at 8.30am, Featherston at 9.30am and Martinborough i-SITE Visitor Centre at 10am. Bookings are essential.

If you're coming from Wellington you'll get to visit Rivendell, Helm's Deep and see the Great River Anduin on the way to the Wairarapa as well!

Book your tour here:

Palliser Bay
Wairarapa 5772
New Zealand
+64 4 472 0869