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Food in the Wairarapa

Food in the Wairarapa

The Iki Sushi Burrito

What is Sushi Burrito? put simply it's when Mexican burrito meets Japanese sushi.

Take a sheet of sushi seaweed, cover it with rice, add a ton of salad, then your main fillings -teriyaki chicken, seared salmon, tempura vegetable or karaage chicken.

Choose from Japanese inspired sauces created by our very own sushi master, then we add Japanese radish, seaweed and some crunchy dried shallots.

Sushi Burrito is great to eat on the go, and with less packaging than traditional sushi is better for the environment as well!

Not ready to roll, no problem as we can put all the same ingredients into a bowl for you to take back to the office or eat later.

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