Kaka Cafe at Pukaha

Cafe Kaka - overlooking the forest canopy

Delicious homemade food is available 364 days of the year at Kaka Cafe at Pūkaha National Wildlife Centre.

Kaka Cafe at Pukaha is perched overlooking the Pukaha forest canopy. As you sip your delicious L'Affare coffee, our resident takahe wander freely in their natural habitat.   There is no cafe view like it anywhere in the world!

A beautiful range of delicious cabinet items awaits as well as small selection of daily plates. Everything is made fresh on the premises and will no doubt tempt you for morning or afternoon tea or lunch.  

Friendly staff are on-site preparing and serving - so all the items are as fresh as can be. Catering for group tours and coach parties is no trouble and can be organised prior to your visit.

Kaka Cafe at Pukaha is simply the best café on State Hightway 2 between Masterton and the Hawkes Bay. Drop in and see them, they would love to make you welcome.

Pukaha Mount Bruce
State Highway 2
Mount Bruce 5881
New Zealand
Opening Hours: 
Daily from 9.30am until 4.00pm
+64 6 375 8004 ext 3