Repose Cabin

Repose Cabin

Repose Cabin Martinborough delivers an unmatched, eco-conscious outdoor experience in Martinborough allowing you to slow down, de-stress and escape the chaos of everyday life.

The nordic inspired Repose Cabin is perched among the Blue Earth Estate olive grove with stunning views over the grove and down the valley, from this tiny, low-impact and sustainable 'luxury' version of a back-country hut experience.

Wander through Blue Earth Estate olive grove and Blue Earth Estate vineyard (also nestled on the property), or take a tour that can be personalised to you and taste the olive oil and wine, explore the nearby Ruakokoputuna river, star gaze or just relax and sip a glass of Blue Earth wine.

You can also experience Martinborough's well known cellar doors, restaurants and cafes, only a 15 minute drive away!

Hosts, Mike and Margaret Hanson would love to show you how their quality olive oils and wines are made and to taste their products that have been lovingly nurtured using only sustainable farming methods to produce nationally and internationally acclaimed products. Learn how they produce most of their own power, and see how their native planting has created a habitat for birdlife, and more.

Book a tasting or schedule a tour here, or contact our isite Visitor Information Centre to stay in the luxury eco-cabin nestled in amongst the olive trees.

Give our friendly isite Visitor Information Centre staff a call to book this accommodation for you.

950 White Rock Road
Martinborough 5782
New Zealand
Jack Anderson on 027 716 9766