Tinui Food Forest

Tinui Food Forest

Tinui Food Forest is one of the largest and most established food forests in New Zealand.

Established in 2001, there are hundreds of varieties of fruit and nut trees, berries, herbs, climbers and flowers growing in the food forest.

Take a two hour guided walk through the food forest and experience what makes food forests such magical places to be in! Wander through the food forest kitchen gardens, feed the friendly alpacas and go for a walk through the main "wild food forest".

While you're there lose yourself in the living willow maze, see the living willow and hazel furniture and structures, including a tepee growing hops, and sample a selection of food forest yummy food and drink.

Tinui Food Forest is a living example of a kinder way for us to live in harmony with nature- a way that benefits all the inhabitants of the food forest- and not just the human ones! Food forests show that we can all make a difference!

293 Manawa Road
Masterton 5894
New Zealand
Opening Hours: 
Two hour guided walks daily departing 10am and 1.30pm