Wairarapa Film Festival

Wairarapa Film Festival is a celebration of local film and filmmakers, with a programme for Masterton, Carterton and Martinborough during 2021 that includes short and feature films, workshops, exhibitions and guest appearances.

Film directors will be at selected screenings to talk about the creative aspects of filmmaking, and special guests will speak about the cultural, historical and aesthetic signifiance of films.

Check out the full programme on their website here.

Masterton Programme
At Regent 3 Cinemas from 26-30 May 2021 with advance bookings available for all sessions from Regent 3 Cinemas (06) 377 5479.

Carterton Programme
At Carterton Events Centre from 9-18 July 2021 with tickets on sale at the end of May 2021 from the Carterton Events Centre (06) 379 4081.

Martinborough Programme
At Circus Cinema from 27-31 October with tickets on sale in October 2021 from Circus Cinema.