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Food in the Wairarapa

Food in the Wairarapa

How to Dark Sky in the Wairarapa

Wairarapa is filling up with telescopes and people to help you explore what you can’t see with the naked eye.

Friends and Family coming for the holidays?

Boating at the Park

"We really should go to that one day." Yes, you really should! There can’t be many regions with as many events on the calendar as the Wairarapa. And there are so many that make for a great family day out.

Where to stay in Wairarapa? Some of our accommodation picks

The Wairarapa has lots of fantastic accommodation options for you.

Places to enjoy a brew in the Wairarapa

Martinborough Brewery

Hey beer lovers make sure that you raise your glass for the mighty liquid amber. We reckon Wairarapa is a fantastic place to celebrate all things beer, and here are some great places to do so.