Welcome Lola

In 2020 we welcomed lots of new visitors to the Wairarapa. People who hadn't discovered our small region, just an hour from Wellington. It was wonderful and this winter we've remained busy.

When you're a small marketing team promoting your region and you're super busy, sometimes you can feel a bit like you're chasing your own tail.

So, we've decided to get some extra help in. Some regions bring in people, you know, like Gemma and Richie McCaw. Hillary Barry, she started her broadcasting career in the Wairarapa... she would probably love to come but she's so busy. So, we asked Lola. Covid 19 taught us it's good to think outside of the box. Or in this case... outside of the kennel.

We'd like you to meet Lola - our new Marketing intern.
She's willing. Eager. Energetic (see photo above). Excited. VERY excited. Affordable. (Oh, we meant available).
She lives here in the Wairarapa (so no travel required ...a low carbon paw print) we like that.
There's a lot of enthusiasm! And a lot of exclamation marks!! (we've had to edit those down a bit).

Join us as we all discover what a small, excited, fast-moving marketing intern/digital native uncovers as she noses around the Wairarapa.

Little region. Little dog. Both gorgeous.
Come along and have a look around our place with Lola.