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Saturday 19 June 10:00am

A celebration of Māori performance and performers across time and genres, the exhibition highlights iconic moments in Māori performance and features luminaries such as Kiri Te Kanawa, Hone Tuwhare, George Henare, Inia ...

Saturday 19 June 10:00am

Masterton Art Club turns 100! The Club’s goals have remained largely the same since its inception – to provide a space where artists can pursue their passion and improve their craft in a supportive environment. The ...

Saturday 19 June 10:00am

PARK-UP is a series of documentary-style photographs by Catherine Russ, captured over twenty years on from Russ' original project in the same location.

On an elevated site above the Manawatū River is the look-out ...

Saturday 19 June 10:00am

Based upon stone circles around the world, Stonehenge Aotearoa is a complete and working structure designed for its precise location on the Earth. Situated in New Zealand's Wairarapa countryside it is a window into the ...

Saturday 19 June 10:00am

Artists: Glen Butler, Sharisse Eberlein, Mark Gee, Rebecca Kempton, Pete Monk and John Whitby

Wairarapa is on the verge of becoming a Dark Sky Reserve, a region dedicated to preserving the pristine night sky. Darkness ...

Saturday 19 June 04:00pm

Sharing the stories around the campfire with an open and diverse group of local men 17+ who feel need to connect with self, group, mountains, river, night silence in the forest. Happy to have 14+ guys accompanied by ...

Saturday 19 June 04:15pm

The Winter Solstice was, and still is one of the most important festivals of the year. It marks the darkest time of the year. But, it was also a time to celebrate because on this day light would overcome darkness and ...

Saturday 19 June 06:30pm

'Stars in Their Eyes'

Doors open 6.30 pm. Show starts 7.30 pm.

Contact: Kirsten or Rachel 027 203 8027 or 027 362 8359

Tickets from Ruahine School.

Dress up from your favourite decade.