White Rock

Spectacular, rugged White Rock Beach is about a 1hr10 drive south of Martinborough.  You'll spot the large white rock it's named after about halfway down the 5-kilometre long beach.

White RockWhite RockWhite Rock reef

Surfing at White Rock is some of the best in the country, but the areas that are surfed are not part of the main beach. Dolphin Bay is at the northern end and involves a 10-15 minute walk over rough terrain. There are both left and right beach and reef breaks. 

The beach at White Rock is very exposed to the elements, often getting hit by large swells. There is a moderate to steep swash gradient which produces a heavy beach dump and only in larger swells do waves actually break off the beach. 

For accommodation around White Rock, talk to the Martinborough isite Visitor Information Centre or check out accommodation on the Wairarapa coast.