Destination Management Plan

Food in the Wairarapa

Food in the Wairarapa

 Cape Palliser

Consider a lighthouse. It stands high on a coastline, shining its protective light to guide ships safely into harbour so visitors might enjoy the comforts of the destination it supports. It plays the role of a navigational aid allowing ships to find land, it is the beacon that draws people to a destination, the compass point that tells the traveller they are heading in the right direction, and it lights the way to make people aware that land is near.

This destination management plan for the Wairarapa is designed to work in a similar way, to ensure that the Wairarapa region is governed to enable effective destination management and ensure strong positive visitor economy growth. For a sustainable future, that growth must be resilient and provide social, cultural, environmental, and economic benefits to the broader community.

The appeal of the Wairarapa as a destination is embedded in the natural assets and the stories that can be told that breathe life into the surrounding landscapes. Add to this the unique villages scattered through the region, and the strength of primary industries and paddock to plate producers and you have a destination with its own identity. One that offers visitors an opportunity to unplug, relax and engage with locals in a multitude of different ways.

This Destination Management Plan is a plan for the whole region. It is a living document that will evolve over time as the region develops and grows.

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