Mataikona Rocks

Mataikona Rocks near Sandy BayMataikona Rocks north of Sandy Bay

Just 15 minutes' drive north of Castlepoint you'll find one of the region's hidden geological gems - the Mataikona Rocks.

These fascinating rock formations - some of them in striking, spiky rows - are the result of sandstone being compressed by the weight of the Pacific Ocean, then bent and buckled by colliding tectonic plates. They're usually hidden by the sea. But time your drive for low tide and you'll see them all the way along the winding gravel road from Whakataki to the settlement of Mataikona. There are plenty of rockpools to explore too.

Coming from Castlepoint: Heading north out of town, take the right-hand turn just before the golf course and head north up the coast road.

Coming from Masterton: After about 45 minutes' driving,  take a left-hand turn just after the Whakataki Pub and the golf course. Follow this road north up the coast.

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