Dark Sky

The stars are aligning for Wairarapa as we become astro-tourism central. Just an hour over from the Wellington, Wairarapa is possibly the most accessible dark sky destination in the world. 

With remarkably low light pollution, some pretty cool star-crazy locals and the region’s location at the heart of the Classic New Zealand Wine Trail SH2, the sky is the limit.

Check out our dark sky experiences, Stonehenge Aotearoa and Under the Stars

A collective effort is currently underway for Wairarapa to be awarded Dark Sky Reserve Accreditation. We’ll be the largest dark sky reserve in the world! 

Book for these summer night sky events:

Stonehenge Stargazing: Sun and Stars Stonehenge Aotearoa

Every Saturday night from 8pm (until end of February) till late take a Stonehenge Star Safari - look through their telescopes, peer into the depths of the Universe, learn about black holes, the lives of the stars, life in the Cosmos, rockets, spaceflight and all things space.

Stay the night!

Astronomy events always happen at night, so makes sense to stay!  Book your accommodation here or call our i-SITE Visitor Information Centres and they can book for you.

Things are always looking up here - check out the Martinborough Star Gazing and Pick Your Own Lavender events on this summer.