Olivo olive grove tours

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From Tree to Table
Wander amongst the oldest olive trees in Martinborough, learning about the different olive varieties and what happens throughout the olive year. Progress to the tasting room where you will learn how to taste extra virgin olive oil like the professionals do and sample the full range of innovative infused oils finding out how to use in quick easy and spectacular recipes.

Duration: over 1 hour
Cost: $15.00 per person
Bookings essential

The Olive Press

Taste the finest olives and olive oils from the Wairarapa and see first-hand how oil's extracted from the region's finest fruit.

All oils sold are pressed on-site

All oils sold at The Olive Press have been pressed on-site. The oils are arranged according to flavour, which makes it easy to find what you're looking for: infused, light, mild or full-flavoured. 

River Grove Olives

River Grove Olives lies on the banks of the Ruamahanga River in Masterton. The olive grove has around 1,700 trees. River Grove blends different olive varieties as well as offering single varietal extra virgin olive oils.

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