Cycle the Vines in Martinborough

easy cycling on quiet roads in Martinborough wine village

You can't beat an afternoon cycling Martinborough's flat country roads, calling into vineyards and olive groves along the way.

Martinborough vineyards are so close to each other so there's no rush. Can't bring your own bike? No problem - hire one when you get here. Then pick up a wine map from the Martinborough i-SITE Visitor Centre or download one right now and start planning your route.

Please note - it's compulsary to wear a helmet in NZ when you're biking.  You'll be supplied with one when you hire your bike so be sure to wear it. 

Plan your vineyard stops - take a look at our Wairarapa Wine Map.

So many places to hire bikes

Green Jersey Cycle Tours (and if you'd rather not pedal at all, they can take you on a rickshaw!)

Bike Hire Martinborough 

Indi Bikes

Martinborough Wine Merchants 

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