Featherston Heritage Museum

Featherston Heritage Museum

Visit Featherston Heritage Museum to see evocative original photos, modern audio visuals and historical artefacts from the Featherston Camps during World War I & II. 

World War I Military Training Camp
Featherston camp trained 60,000 NZ troops preparing for the Great War between 1916 and 1918. “An Awfully Big Adventure – Our Voices” audio-visual brings the camp and its history to life. Take the opportunity to visit the Dibble sculpture that commemorates the camp across the road adjacent to Featherston Town Square,

World War II Prisoner of War Camp
During World War II about 800 Japanese POWs were imprisoned on part of the World War I Military Camp. The “incident” of 25 February 1943 where 48 POWs and one New Zealander died is explained. An opportunity to see unique and rare artworks and carvings made by the Japanese while at the camp.

You can also see the fully restored Featherston Volunteer Fire Brigade 1932 Model A Ford Engine and other brigade memorabilia.

Featherston's fascinating early history is continually being updated.

Corner of Lyon and Fitzherbert Streets (behind the Fell Locomotive Museum & Featherston Information Centre)
Featherston 5710
New Zealand
Opening Hours: 
Open Saturday and Sunday 10am to 2pm
Elsa 021 263 9403