Homewood Storeroom

Food in the Wairarapa

Food in the Wairarapa

Homewood Storeroom
Situated on Homewood Road, an easy 15 minute drive south of Riversdale, Homewood Storeroom is a stones throw away for anyone who values high quality food and beverages, providing a taste of rural hospitality combined with flair for good food and local produce.

Chef, Paddy, grew up in close proximity of the Storeroom, which sits on the edge of his parents' farm, and the building was originally St John Evangelist church, where many of Paddy's family members have attended services, weddings and christenings over the years.

Paddy has a long fostered passion for good food, serving up delicious dishes for his friends and family. After working and studying cookery in Wellington, he returned to the family farm to spearhead this new venture, aiming to strike a balance between the familiar fares of kiwi café cuisine, and influences from cuisines of his own passion, such as Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Mexican.

2730 Homewood Road
Masterton 5872
New Zealand
Opening Hours: 
Friday: 10am-7.30pm lunch & dinner; Saturday 10am-8.30pm lunch & dinner ; Sunday 8am-2pm all day breakfast; Monday - Thursday closed
021 233 2826