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NZ Red Cross First Aid Courses 2021

Comprehensive or Revalidation First Aid. Great for keeping you and the team safe in the workplace. You will cover all of the essentials and more. This course is the minimum requirement for high-risk workplaces.

To ...

Workshop: Create a Dream & Mosaic

Available workshops:

Create a Dream: Participants will be guided to set their new year goals and how to achieve it. You will create a creative vision board and you will identify specific areas in your life ...

Wellness Through Art

Come along and learn something new. Held each Tuesday. Art packs range from $35.00 (start pack) to $60.00 (full pack).

Address: Art Society Clubrooms, 30 McPhee Street, Dannevirke
Contact: Tararua REAP
Phone: 06 ...

Cooking on a Budget

Come and learn how to prepare delicious meals on a budget.

This workshop uses a welcoming group environment to show you ways to make delicious, cost-effective meals to feed your family for less. you will learn basic, ...

Self Portraits with Anne Taylor

Channel your inner ‘Wildflower Woman’ on this fun and relaxing workshop led by artist Anne Taylor, taking inspiration from Frida Kahlo, New Zealand’s own Pacific Sisters and the Instagram phenomenon ‘Advanced ...

Workshop - Paint & Glaze Ceramic Flowers

In this workshop, you can learn about the techniques used to paint on ceramics, and how to glaze them to preserve the paint and make it shine.

You can take your Ceramic Flower home or use it in a Mosaic Workshop later ...

Spontaneous Dance Class

Spontaneous dance class is a way of moving how you want. We start to warm up different parts of our body, then we move to a more progressive tempo to finish off with settling quieting and stilling at the of the class. We ...

Frida Kahlo Day

This day will start with a documentary about Frida Kahlo.
Then visitors can follow a workshop to create flowers for hats for the Frida Kahlo contest at the racecourse.
The day will end with delicious Mexican food while ...

Art Workshop: De-stress the Creative Way

This workshop will be given by artist Zelda Bruce. She will lead us through it with relaxing tools like lavender oil, breathing exercises and doodles with oil pastels.

This workshop will help you understand how to use ...

Crystal Workshop

Does crystal power intrigue you? Have you ever wondered how to utilise their amazing power? Learn the basics and start or expand your crystal journey.

This workshop will teach you how various crystals have healing ...


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