Friends and Family coming for the holidays?

Boating at the Park

"We really should go to that one day." Yes, you really should! There can’t be many regions with as many events on the calendar as the Wairarapa. And there are so many that make for a great family day out.

Join the rest of us in saying, ‘yes we’ve been to that’.

Wairarapa walks

Breaking up the drive to the coast

Do yourself a favour on this summer’s drive to the coast. Take a break from the car for a while. Stretch your legs in the native bush of Rewanui Forest Park at the turnoff to Castlepoint and Riversdale. Grab a coffee and a bite to eat at The Land Girl in Pirinoa on the way to Cape Palliser. Everyone will thank you.

Love shopping?

With its small, owner operated shops filled with high quality and distinctive products Greytown Village has it all. Clothes, shoes and homewares, quirky antique stores, art shops and bric-a-brac... each shop reflects the personality of its owners. Try these for starters. 

Masterton Family fun

Park up for the day

Get ready! This list is all in one place; feed the deer, feed the ducks, ride on the train around an island, pedal boat around the island, follow the tree walk, to an aviary, beside a cricket match, next to the mini-golf, with hire bikes, to ride along the river trail. Queen Elizabeth Park, Masterton.


I know what I like

We can all take to something arty and we’re likely to be all slightly different in what we like. Just as well the Aratoi Gallery and ConArt are next to each other with several exhibitions and different artists in action putting out works where something will match our taste.

Pukaha love our locals

Head up to Pukaha National Wildlife Centre if you live in either Wairarapa or Tararua (from Norsewood to Featherston), just bring in your proof of address to claim 50% off your entrance ticket. If you are bringing visitors you can enter for free!

Martinborough Wine Village

Have a wine

Show off our Martinborough wine village, famous for its 20-odd vineyards, most within walking or cycling distance of the village square. Cycling the vines is great fun and break it up with a vineyard lunch.