Pedal Boats at Queen Elizabeth Park

Boating across the lake at Queen Elizabeth Park is loads of fun for the whole family.

Pedal boats at Queen Elizabeth Park, Masterton

Pedal boats, MastertonPedal boats, Masterton

Whether you’re after a kayak, a row boat or a pedal boat there’s nothing like gliding over the water. If you like something a bit different then ask for the swan - this four-seater paddle boat is very exciting for the kids! 

Lifejackets, cushions and bread for the ducks are supplied with each boat ride. The row boats fly a pirate flag with complimentary pirate hats (or captains’ hats if preferred!).

Built in the 1950s these pedal boats have been beautifully restored and all can comfortably hold 2 adults and 1-2 children with the row boats having enough room for 4 adults and the two kayaks are both 2-seaters.

Boats can also be arranged for groups or for pirate/princess birthday parties!

Queen Elizabeth Park
Dixon Street
Masterton 5810
New Zealand
Opening Hours: 
Open everyday from 10am - 5pm
+64 6 372 5843 / +64 27 932 3036