I'm Lola and I LOVE the Wairarapa!

 Lola ADORES Castlepoint!

Hi, Kia ora, I'm Lola

I heard the Wairarapa tourism marketing team were looking for some help - so I put my best paw forward and wrote them a (frankly really charming!) application. I don't know how many other digital natives based locally, applied but they've chosen ME. Yes me!

So, I'm the new Marketing intern and I am helping out for a little while. Everyday's an adventure for me since I've joined the team here at Destination Wairarapa. I'm nosing around the region discovering all sorts of things and telling you all about what I find. I'll be blogging and posting on Facebook and Instagram. A friend asked me if this was a social media 'takeover'. I said "girl you need to go to Spec Savers - look how little I am!!!" I am too tiny to take over anything. But I am very big on being HELPFUL and will be popping up all over the region.

I'll be adding a new perspective. Love local they say. That's me! I live here and I LOVE the place!
I like to eat well
I love the outdoors
I love getting out for a walk
I like cycling (as long as someone else is peddling)
I love meeting new people
I'm small
I'm in a small region that's gorgeous... I'm well you know... the perfect fit!

I am little. But I am big on discovering!

So follow me, oh and the region! On FacebookInstagram and on my Blog.

Anyway, the team at Destination Wairarapa have made me really welcome. I have a little cosy spot to work from, it's down by the office photocopier (there's a vent on the side where nice warm air comes out so I asked if I could sit there).

I have my own email lola@wairarapanz.com and see below for my deets. When they weren't looking I personalised it a bit - I don't think they've even noticed!

LOLA's email

Footnote from the rest of the Destination Wairarapa Marketing team- we thought you might have a few questions:
Locations where Lola absolutely stars in the photographs are all perfectly OK for dogs (and others) to visit. 
She wore a leash when the location required it or if her two favourite humans just thought it was best.